Statistics On Mobile Apps: 5 Key Facts You Should Know

We can’t imagine our lives without mobile apps. It’s quite obvious that they are omnipresent and no fancy charts or statistics are needed to prove it. 

If your inner guide isn’t satisfied with the above claim, here are 5 key facts about mobile apps to cast

1. Smartphone Users

The number of smartphone users worldwide surpasses 6 billion. In the next few years, further growth is still forecast. [1]

Number of smartphone users worldwide

2. Mobile App Usage

Mobile users are more likely to spend their time on apps rather than browsers. [2]

Mobile app usage

3. Mobile Apps Downloads

Mobile app downloads exceed 100 billion. By 2024, this number is expected to double, reaching about 209 billion downloaded mobile apps. [3]

Mobile apps downloads

4. Mobile App Consumer Spending

Consumers are already spending more than 100 billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps. Predictions indicate that spending will be tripled in the few coming years. [4]

Mobile Apps Consumer Spending

5. Mobile App Monetization

A large number of publishers monetize their mobile apps by including ads. [5]

Mobile App Monetization

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